Voice overs in English, French, Spanish, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu & Chinese

1 Voice 7 Languages

Possibly the only voice over artist in the world giving 1 voice in 7 languages!

My voice is believable, melodious, calm and friendly. I am based in London. I do voice overs in English with a British or Indian accent, French, Spanish (Latin American standard), Hindi, Urdu, Bengali & Mandarin Chinese (Foreigner’s accent). An avid traveller, I have visited more than 50 countries and I believe my voice and accents have become so globally exposed that it truly represents an international voice, which doesn’t lean too much on any one region of the world.

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VOyesnow – Voice Over Yes Now

I bring my multi-lingual expertise in the domain of voice over so that your brand, business, product & service get a global voice.

Available to deliver voice over services in English, French, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali & Chinese, VOyesnow is the one stop shop for your voice over needs to communicate to a global audience.