Why being multi-lingual helps in Voice Over?

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Why being multi-lingual helps in Voice Over?

February 2, 2017 Blog 0

1326232932834-cachedBecause it does. Voice over is another channel of communication, articulation, conveying the essence of a message with help of audibles only – that is your voice. The mastery over accent, emotion, pitch, tempo, cultural nuances, objective of the message – all play a part on how exactly a voice over should be done.

It starts with a voice over artist being a specialist in the native language. The more someone expands into other languages, the artist picks up the cultural differences and slight subtleties that exist in every language. But there comes a time when an artist is able to spot patterns emerging across various languages. It is this pattern that helps the voice over artist to quickly improvise and deliver the voice over in the target language. After all – we are dealing with human voices and in the end of day – our equations balance in terms of how we communicate with other humans.

The other thing that helps is the ability to pronounce difficult words. Knowing many languages pushes the voice over artist to break the barrier of pronunciation and accents because h/she naturally comes across vocabulary which was not part of the native language repertoire. The voice over artist can use this exposure to different sounds to enhance own skills set to better articulate each and every word as required by the client.

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